Case study: CDW




  • One of the UK’s leading end-to-end solution providers with an international reach
  • UK revenues in excess of £600m
  • Significant international expertise working across more than 160 countries

The Objective

CDW invested heavily in creating their ServiceWorks platform; a portfolio of market-leading cloud services.  However, they felt the value proposition surrounding this part of their business required greater definition to enable both staff and customers a greater understanding of their capability.  One of CDW’s technology partners recommended they talk to Asgard.

Our Involvement

We proposed that we host a Value Proposition Workshop to help CDW discover what they did that really mattered to their audiences, and what distinguished their ability to deliver cloud services.  Following the workshop we made a series of recommendations and presented our suggestions on how the critical value of ServiceWorks could be easily and simply explained.  Once the top line messaging was agreed, this was ‘trickled down’ into a series of collateral assets the company needed.

The Results

The messaging created has shaped the CDW marketing campaigns to promote ServiceWorks and the collateral has helped the sales team better understand and consequently position what CDW can offer customers wishing to explore the cloud.  The success of this first project has led to further similar engagements to examine core value propositions for other parts of CDW’s business and important technology partnerships.

“The team at Asgard has always been very approachable and unafraid to ask challenging questions of the internal stakeholder groups in order to get to the level of detail required. Their approach has enabled us to build out much more objective content to support our go to market messages.”

Kim Smith, Head of Marketing, CDW UK

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