Inbound Marketing

Understanding how people move

Customers have become really good at blocking or ignoring most conventional marketing practices.  People don’t pick up the phone anymore, they’re less likely to read your emails and they can become relative experts in what they’re interested in by simply reading on the Internet. If by some small chance you do get that enquiry, their mind is made up, they know what they want and you’re fighting only on price having played no part in influencing them.

Inbound marketing is about using high-quality content to attract people to your business or services.  By naturally aligning the content you share with the things your customers want to know or are interested in, you’ll naturally create inbound traffic that you can convert and eventually turn into business.

  • Over time visitors become known prospects
  • You’ll nudge people through their buying process the result of powerful content
  • Prospects will see you as an authority and become customers
  • Some people will even become advocates for your business

Inbound harnesses the knowledge and experience you have and matches it with the issues and challenges motivating your customers.  By listening and contributing to the thinking on these trends, you engender trust and foster a willingness to engage in a dialogue about the services and solutions you sell.