Marketing Hacks: 6 cool tools for marketers everywhere

Marketing is tough.  Especially in the digital era.  So, here are six cool marketing hacks we use daily to help make our lives as marketing professionals that little bit easier.

  • 4th October
6 Marketing Hacks
  1. Hootsuite Hootsuite is an established social media management platform.  It focuses predominately on giving the user the ability to both schedule and review social media posts across a range of different social outlets. From Twitter to LinkedIn to Instagram, you’ll have the ability to manage up to 30 platforms in one place, saving you considerable time logging in and out of the social channels you have a presence on.
  2. MailChimp Email marketing and in particular, list management is a real challenge.  MailChimp is a widely used email broadcast tool that easily integrates with a broad variety of the other applications you’ll be using to power your marketing, from CRM to your website.  It’s radically simple and includes a wide array of inbuilt customisation features.  In our experience, it’s worth investing time in building the modular assets that get dragged and dropped to build your emails within the tool to ensure consistency with your brand.  Importantly, you don’t have to start with a paid plan, you can start for free and continue to do so until your contact list surpasses 2000 contacts.
  3. Kickbox Kickbox is a great tool to support your email marketing.  It provides a valuable email screening service before uploading lists to your preferred email delivery system, whether that’s MailChimp or anything else.   Enlisting Kickbox provides a great indicator as to which email records you possess are potentially invalid, saving your email tool telling you the same and possibly prohibiting the list upload.  It will help save your sending reputation, even prior to the take-off of a new email campaign.
  4. Google Analytics Google Analytics provides rich insight into your website and how it’s performing.  Admittedly, it’s not always the easiest data to interpret, but with practice and possibly even some training it’s a treasure-trove of information about your visitors and what they are really doing when they arrive at your website. Through simply inserting an analytics code onto your website, you’ll have the ability to track everything; every visitor and their every action. Discover your users’ activities, their engagement, the bounce rate, traffic sources; all of these factors are crucial in gaining an understanding of what is and what isn’t working so that you can alter your future strategies using those results. Not only that, but you can view user demographics, be that age, gender or location; these elements give you a greater knowledge of exactly who your visitors are and how you can continue to appeal to them.
  5. Canva – Canva is a neat tool for creating simple graphics.  It’s not going to replace the need for a design agency or someone with real skill working on your behalf, but for creating smart, straightforward graphics for fast-moving activities like social media channels or even data visualisation it’s a boon.  Create your own concept from scratch or select from an extensive range of templates and customise to your heart’s content. With their collection of free images, fonts and illustrations, the possibilities of what you can create with Canva are extensive.
  6. Answer the Public You’ll want to gain a better understanding of exactly what people are searching for within your business sector to discover companies like your own. However, you don’t want to spend hours trawling through Google’s search engine to identify relevant search results. Autocomplete tool Answer the Public simplifies the process, mapping keyword suggestions that your customers and prospects are really searching for. With results easily understandable, displayed on a “wheel”, you’ll have full visibility of the topics that are generating significant impressions online. Through simply pinpointing a relevant question recommended by Answer the Public, you are given the capability to build your content around impactful keywords that will boost your presence and natural search rankings within the world’s most popular search engines.

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