The best videos aren’t always viral

Where’s the first place you look when you want to know how to do something, or how something works?

We’d take a pretty confident bet that you’d turn to YouTube over opening an instruction manual…

  • 2nd March

Informally informative

Video marketing can be very liberating for channel businesses who have previously only produced written content. It introduces the world to the human side of your business and is the virtual method of putting a face to a name! With video, you can more easily demo products, you can embrace a more personal image, and you can engage a whole new audience. There’s no doubt that audience demographics are shifting, particularly as increasing numbers of millennials move into decision-making roles. As a generation well-accustomed to using YouTube, they seek out video content to help them make informed decisions. This is just one of the factors pushing YouTube into the spotlight as an important, and valuable, content-sharing platform. In fact, a survey conducted at the end of 2019 indicated that 88% of video marketers obtained a positive ROI from their video content. By connecting with your viewers on a more personal level, you are increasing the bond they feel with your business and your products.

So, where do you start?

Quality over quantity

It can be all too tempting to see your lack of video marketing as something to be fast forgotten, and to start churning out video that, in reality, just fills the void. A much better tactic is to sit back, analyse what you want to get out of your video content, and start to produce quality content geared towards those objectives. Quantity will come over time as you hone your video marketing into an entity that adds value to your overall marketing strategy. When you’re first getting started, create video content that will have longevity, as the ROI of your first foray will not be evident immediately. For this reason, it’s a good idea to start by creating more generic videos, rather than those which are campaign-led. Producing this broader content will help to build your YouTube channel into a strong foundation on which you can build the potential for lead-generation.

Viewers will subconsciously associate quality video production with the quality of a brand’s products and services. Even the world’s best presenter will be undermined by shaky camera work and shoddy sound issues, so think carefully about production quality and what is achievable. While viewers are forgiving if content is good and it feels authentic, their tolerance will only stretch so far. When it comes to producing good video content, a little investment will take you a long way.

Finding your format

There are so many different avenues available when it comes to producing the right video content for your business, and for your budget. Just like your written content, the right format for each video will depend on the message you want to convey, and its overall business objectives, meaning that you don’t have to stick to producing the same style of videos over and over again. For example, you can take a different approach to a video aiming to boost your brand’s identity, to one that helps your viewers to dive deeper into the specifics of a particular product. In fact, having a multitude of different video styles in your library will help to keep things fresh and interesting for your viewers. Just be careful to ensure that they all remain consistent with your brand persona and guidelines. The duration of each video will also play a key role in ensuring its success. When you’re finding your feet, it’s a good idea to start small. Videos that are shorter in length will help to build viewers’ trust in your content. As your video marketing matures, and your audience become more invested in your output, you can start to increase the duration of your videos and explore topics that warrant more depth.

Some of the (many) genres of video that we have found to be successful in the IT and technology channel include:

  • Animated explainers
  • Webinar series
  • Event videography
  • Unboxing videos
  • Product demos
  • Corporate ‘Meet the Team’ videos

Getting value from your video content

Whacking a video onto YouTube and just hoping people will find it is the best way to guarantee that people don’t ‘like and subscribe’. Pay careful attention to everything from the name of the file you’re uploading, to the words you use in your description. YouTube works in much the same way as other search engines, with keywords playing a huge role in how viewers find your content.

Extend your video content beyond YouTube and into places where your target customers can find it by using it across your various business communication platforms. Embed your videos into your website, share them on social media and include them in your email marketing campaigns. When you share your YouTube videos in this way, the platform Analytics tool allows you to capture how your viewers have interacted with your content. You can not only track how many people have watched your video, but also their watch time (i.e. whether they watched the full video), who and where they are, and how they reached your content. This will help you to hone your video content, evaluate which videos are the most successful, and work to replicate the success.

Don’t stress over the numbers

In the age of viral videos, it can be all too easy to get disheartened if you don’t see your viewing figures instantly skyrocket. Just like your written content, it’s more important that your content is viewed by the right people than by large numbers of people who have no interest in interacting with your brand. Video marketing is never going to be an overnight success, but by combining great content with clever marketing, you can get your messages across to your audience in a new and captivating way.

Need help picking the right video format, or want to produce content that makes people stop scrolling and watch? Speak to a member of the team to get advice on kickstarting your video marketing.

If you fancy taking a look at some of the video productions we’ve worked on, then head over to our YouTube channel.

Elly Lee is a Junior Marketing Executive with Asgard Marketing who works across a wide range of projects.

Elly Lee, Junior Marketing Executive, Asgard Marketing

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