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Why social media is important and how we do it

  • 13th June

Why does social media matter?

As the famous philosopher Marshall McLuhan said, “with the arrival of electric technology, man has extended, or set outside himself”. Social media is used in today’s modern world as an extension of oneself, another medium to communicate by and use to become one step closer to people you may previously have thought out of reach. This goes for brands too; social media is a fast-track way of avoiding the hold music and getting straight to someone inside the business. Therefore, by not taking social media seriously, you’re missing out on a valuable layer of communication with your customers and partners as well as the ability to express your brand voice in the digital world.

Asgard manages a lot of social channels for its customers – taking ownership of their presence on a variety of platforms. Here’s some of the secrets behind what we do to ensure a growing followership and better engagement from the people who matter. Whether you’re new to social media or have been at it for a while, these tips will hopefully improve what you do.

Organic curation

This is the foundation to your overall social media activity. We create vibrant and engaging day-to-day social posts to discuss relevant industry news specific to your business as well as giving users an insight into who you are and what you do. This ensures that you’re always updating your online presence with new things happening in your field of expertise and connected with your business. It proves you’re up-to-date and in-touch, which will increase the chances of prospects, partners and employees engaging with your content.

Make social part of your wider marketing campaigns

Whilst organic social is essential to building a consistent social presence and quality following, when you’re building your next marketing campaign, don’t overlook how social media can play a big part in it. Create campaign-specific posts that harness the same themes, a unique hashtag or perhaps using it as a platform to bring another creative angle to your campaign. Social media acts as an extension of your marketing campaign helping to draw people into the end objective. To help with this, we employ tracking links to all campaign social media posts to ensure that these results can be easily analysed amongst other components of the same campaign.

Boosting with paid ads

Organic social can often be limited by the level of your online presence and whilst that can grow over time, introducing paid ads can make a huge difference to your overall campaign success and accelerate your results. This doesn’t mean you necessarily have to fork out a hefty sum to generate a result, we hone budgets by targeting very specific demographics and then use eye-catching content to attract interest and optimise budgets. Regardless of how big or small your spend may be, boosting your organic posts or creating sponsored ads can increase your targeted reach tremendously and multiply the traffic to your site.

Your social media customer service

No business is perfect, and you can’t please every single one of your customers all of the time. So, you must be prepared for an unhappy customer to make you aware of their feelings on social media. Whilst some people may see this as a concerning side effect and reason not to be involved in it, we believe it can be an opportunity to present your business as progressive and responsive. Social media can actually prevent an unhappy customer from getting even more frustrated if their concern is lost in a sea of unread emails or call backs. In the fast-paced world of social media, we focus on connecting with the customer quickly, making them instantly aware that their problem is being dealt with and letting others who may see the post know that your business handles complaints efficiently and respectfully.

Capture the spontaneous and unplanned!

After all, social media moves at lightning speed and you can’t always plan for it, but that’s what makes it so fun and engaging! We have the mindset to keep an eye out for viral trends, refreshing ways of producing content and anything else that’s unexpected!

Measuring success

It’s difficult to get the measure of what you’re doing and indeed if it’s having any positive impact. An important part of being active on social media is being able to track the level of success across accounts and determine ways that they can improve and grow. We see social media (and marketing in general) as a journey rather than a destination, meaning that we continually look to review and refine. Social media doesn’t stand still and requires regular monitoring to keep your business involved in the conversation. We produce monthly reports that show the metrics that matter covering engagement, impressions, following and more, we analyse what’s working and how tactics may need to change overtime as well as where improvements can be made to keep growing social accounts.

Get social

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