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It’s all in the know-how.

Put simply, effective SEO for tech companies relies on knowing what your prospects are searching for and on constructing your site content so that Google interprets your page as having all the answers.  

Whether you’re doing a minor website refresh, a site-wide re-design, or just need some revamped content that better reflects what you do, you need to be considering your SEO from the outset. 

SEO for IT companies: more than just keywords.

Climbing up the search engine rankings won’t happen overnight, and it certainly won’t happen by just dotting some keywords around your site. It takes a little more work than you might think. 

There’s a real knack to positioning keywords right where Search Engines can spot them, whilst naturally weaving them in amongst great content to make sure your reader doesn’t.  

Top tips for tech companies 

Understanding your ideal audience is crucial. There’s no point driving hordes of people to your page if they’re the wrong people. Being selective about your SEO helps genuinely interested leads find you, creating quantifiable ROI on any SEO spend.  

Trust us, no matter how nerdy it sounds, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of getting your SEO spot-on and watching your rankings rise…  

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