Strategic Planning Workshop

Making sure your marketing strategy aligns with your business strategy is really important. Without clear direction your marketing won’t work as hard as it should.

a walker putting their best foot forward

Learn how to put your best foot forward

Our Strategic Planning Workshop will help define your marketing strategy and shake out an effective go-to-market plan for everything you do. We’ll review where your business is today, what makes you different and help you to seize the opportunities for growth.

We don’t just regurgitate what you tell us, we critically examine what you’ve been doing, challenge your assumptions and add a wealth of knowledge we have of the market and working with other organisations just like yours.

The benefits

  • Fresh, independent views and ideas for your business
  • A strategy that provides a direction of travel for all future marketing and aligns with your ambitions
  • A bespoke marketing plan that meets your business objectives
  • Recommendations for critical marketing activities and how to approach them
  • Non-intrusive – typically 1 day investment from key stakeholders

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