Value Proposition Workshop

Make your marketing count.  Ensure that what you tell your audience is relevant and hits the mark.

a peacock showing its unique feathers

Discover what makes you unique

Our Value Proposition Workshop discovers what you’re really good at, what sets you apart from your competition and why your customers should work with you. Mixing tried and tested structure and controlled ‘free-fall’ discussion we tease out and challenge what should be at the heart of your value proposition.

We then turn this into a valuable set of outputs that properly position your business, helping you to persuade customers, sales people or even partners. The materials we create become the drum beat of all your future marketing, setting the tone for what you want to be known for and providing the key messages you can trickle down into everything you do.

We’ve delivered our Value Proposition Workshops for every part of your business that requires clarity – from the value of partner relationships, the message surrounding discrete service propositions and, of course your overarching story to the world.

The benefits

  • Outside expertise to help crystallise your value proposition
  • Energise people around your message
  • Use for every part of your business that requires clarity
  • Genuine outputs you can continue to use
  • Non-intrusive – typically 1 day investment from key stakeholders

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