Addressing common objections to marketing retainers

Marketing retainers might seem daunting at first, but isn’t everything? In this blog we explore the most common push-backs and why retainer based content might just work for you.

  • 18th March
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Retainer-based content is a great way to keep your comms fresh and engaging without hiring additional resource. But we get it: locking into contractual obligations spanning months or years can breed hesitation – especially if you’ve experienced some less-than-successful retainer partnerships in the past. Unfortunately, we can’t undo historic professional trauma (sorry about that). But we reckon with a bit of good-old-fashioned troubleshooting, we can show that when managed and executed well (i.e. by Asgard), retainers can be immensely beneficial to your business.

Couldn’t I/a member of my team do this? 

Perhaps… But if you haven’t found the time/inclination thus far, isn’t there a risk that this initiative will never get off the ground? As well as being renowned for the quality of our tech content, our specialism in the IT channel means we’re always ahead of the curve when it comes to trends and hot topics. Of course, we won’t betray any confidences, but our view across the channel allows us to produce compelling content in a fraction of the time it would take the average marketer. Need something extra quick? We’re nothing if not agile, and are well accustomed to working to tight deadlines.  

How can we measure success? 

Great question – we can help with this too! From monitoring clicks and page dwell time to engagement on social media, we’ll make sure you’re fully in the loop when it comes to the success of your retainer content. Crucially, we always look to strike the right balance between ambition and reality, and will work with you to set genuinely achievable goals that keep you progressing and move your business forward. That means no ambiguous goals, no scope creep, and no spin when things occasionally don’t work as well as expected. Best of all, if you feel like switching up your approach, we’ve got a whole host of tried-and-tested strategies up our sleeves to make sure you’re always getting a fantastic return on your retainer. 

But isn’t it just the odd blog and some social posts? 

If that’s what works for your business, so be it. Our retainers are tailored to each customer, so whether you need regular support on your social channels or want a new, multi-channel campaign every month, we’re happy to support. Not sure what to ask for? We hear that a lot – and it’s absolutely fine. We’ll sit down with you and get to the heart of your goals and challenges before creating a content strategy that works wonders within your defined budget. It’s as simple as that! 

Think of all the other things I could invest in! 

The possibilities are endless; we agree. But when it comes to investing in something that’s guaranteed to move your marketing forward, build brand presence and boost your sales process, we’d argue you’ll be hard pressed to find something equally effective for the same price. We also understand that business priorities fluctuate, so if you need to lower your budget at any point, we’re more than happy to accommodate and offer an approach that suits your financial commitment. 

It’ll take too long for me to plan/approve 

We beg to differ… One of our biggest strengths lies in our ability to understand our clients’ businesses and supply content that really hits the mark. Need convincing? No problem: book a half-hour call with one of our team, and in return we’ll provide you with a 600-word blog for your business, absolutely free. 

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