Why choose a tech-specific marketing agency?

When it comes to something as critical as your marketing, you need a partner who knows exactly what you do, and the challenges you face.

The answer? A tech-specific marketing agency.

  • 13th November

When it comes to marketing complex technology products and services, partnering with an agency that specialises in the IT industry as opposed to a team of generalists provides several advantages. Sure, given enough time, anyone can get to grips with a given market or product. But for a truly authentic approach that resonates with an audience renowned for spotting waffle and nonsense a mile off, you’re best putting your money into the hands of the experts.  

Asgard was founded by two people who, having spent over a decade working in the IT channel for various brands, wanted to do tech marketing better. They wanted to offer agency services without agency arrogance, and use their knowledge and experience to help businesses get projects off the ground faster and gain ROI more effectively. Today, 12 years later, over 50% of Asgard’s work comes from client referrals. We like to think that’s because we’re known as a friendly, reliable bunch. But in truth, our growing client base has chosen our services for a number of reasons. 

We have domain expertise, are market savvy, and bring valuable industry oversight

We’ve spent our careers in IT. We know our stuff, and we’re genuinely excited about what the future holds in the brilliant, fast-paced channel.  Our technical knowledge spans hardware, software, cloud, security, AI, emerging tech and more. We’ve seen how the industry has changed and developed and we’ve got a pretty good idea of what’s over the horizon, which is why many of our clients are with us for the long run. 

Moreover, veteran IT marketers like us take pride in staying on top of tech sector trends, competitive shifts, emerging technologies, and market perspectives. This deep insight informs strategy with an authentic approach and a forward-thinking outlook. We understand what works, what doesn’t and how to mitigate industry minefields to optimise our clients’ success.

We know how to position your business and target your market

We understand that tech businesses must convey specific capabilities that resonate with diverse audiences ranging from CIOs to developers to business executives. Our specialist insight means we can quickly get to grips with these nuanced buyer personas and are better able to create highly accurate positioning and targeted strategy for better ROI. This deep expertise enables us to create compelling messaging that resonates with savvy IT buyers and discerning CIOs alike.

We offer thought leadership, differentiated campaigns, and truly unique insights

Leveraging our extensive experience and insights, we excel at establishing thought leadership for technology brands via compelling content, analyst relations, speaking engagements and more. This builds brand reputation by ensuring personality and authenticity shine through even the most technical content.

Our integrated marketing programs combine both traditional and digital tactics tailored specifically for the tech sector. Campaigns are crafted to engage elusive IT decision-makers who know their stuff and can spot generic, disingenuous messaging a mile off. We’re also best placed to create something that stands out in a saturated market that we know inside out.

We get results

We love nothing more than guiding our clients to success. Through deep expertise in technology sales cycles, we employ metrics-driven approaches to optimise marketing performance and prove ROI on activities. We understand what moves the needle, what resonates with audiences, and most importantly, what compels them to act. Notably, our speed and agility doesn’t come at the expense of quality. Whatever time investment you can provide, our experience and knowledge means the output will meet your needs.

We adopt a partnership mindset

We are true collaborative partners to our clients, taking time to learn the culture, challenges, and goals to shape strategy and build brand. For us, it’s all about the details. We quickly become an extension of our clients’ teams, understanding not just what they do, but how they do it, and acting as trusted advisors as well as invaluable additional resource. We bridge martech, resource, expertise, skills, and bandwidth gaps, providing an often-needed injection of objectivity and creative horsepower.

We’re committed to tech

Technology is our sole focus. We dedicate all our resources exclusively to executing IT marketing programmes – without any distractions from other markets. Over the last 12 years, we’ve worked with every type of organisation across the IT channel: vendors, distributors, resellers, cloud providers, security specialists and more. We spend all day, every day, helping businesses in the tech channel improve their messaging and cut through the noise. And because this is our sole focus, we really know (and care about) the industry and our clients’ place within it.

Having worked in the channel ourselves, we understand the pressures and pitfalls our clients face all too well. With that in mind, we set up Asgard in a way that offered the speed and agility the tech channel demands – without sacrificing the quality of our output. In a fast-paced and pressurised ecosystem where lead times are often limited, we seek to mitigate sector challenges with our flexible, can-do approach and unwavering dedication to securing success in every job we take on.

Let’s Talk

To succeed in the modern marketplace, aligning with a marketing partner who’s intimately familiar with your channel will undoubtedly give your business an edge. But more than that, when it comes to our clients, we find our shared experience, subject-matter expertise, and dedicated focus combine to drive real value at every opportunity.

We’re problem-solvers, trusted to get the most out of every budget while protecting interests, navigating compliance, and overcoming limitations. If that sounds like a team you want on your side for your next marketing project, all you need to do is get in touch with us now and share a few details – we’ll get working on a plan and sort the rest.

Ashley is Asgard's Marketing Manager, overseeing our core marketing team. With over 5 years at Asgard, he's worked with countless clients over hundreds of campaigns.

Ashley Burtoft, Marketing Manager, Asgard Marketing

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